Pass The Confidence Please

I've got curly hair.

But people that know me, even know me well, are surprised any time I wear it this way. Never fail, if my secret waves have been let loose, I hear "Did you get a perm?!" or "I had no idea you have curly hair!"

Because since I was old enough to do it myself, I've blown it dry and smoothed it out.

I hated it!

In high school I remember feeling like I had no idea what to do with the tangle on my head. No clue how to tame my frizz that I desperately wanted to wish away.

I coveted the seemingly always polished looking locks of my sisters and friends. Not just because it was easier to manage, but of the way it looked too. I was convinced straight smooth hair was the ideal, beautiful! And the waves falling around my face... not so much.

So... I hid that mess! Blow it dry. Smooth it out. Repeat. FOR YEARS!

But ya know what?

Now I have a daughter... with wavy curly hair.

And I guess sometimes it takes looking into the eyes of your child, to have bit of reckoning with yourself.

Because I want this girl to LOVE herself. ALL of herself. It pains me to imagine her wanting to conceal anything that makes her uniquely who she is. Or to think of her believing any word of a lie that we might tell ourselves that we're less than because of ANY physical trait. Just no!

So I'm wearing my hair curly far more often these days. And when I do, I'm genuinely smiling about it. Because after way too long hiding it with a blow dryer, I'm hoping my daughter sees me embracing it now.

Why am I saying all this?

Because if we want our kids to love themselves, they need to see us loving and celebrating ourselves first. And I want that.

No more hiding.

I’m here cheering you on too. Shake out your hair, wear the bathing suit, smile as wide open as your laugh demands... whatever it is, whatever it might be for you - love it.

Confidence is beautiful and here's to passing THAT on to our children.

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