Her Most Meaningful Gift


Heard the sweetest idea recently and wanted to share!

In conversation about meaningful gifts, someone mentioned the Hallmark recordable books. I had always thought of these books as mostly from grandparent to grandchild, particularly if they don't live locally to one another. I love that and it's such a truly beautiful way to connect, be known and nurture that relationship. But this woman had a different spin on it... one that made it truly meaningful to her as a mother.

Someone in her family had purchased a recordable book and worked with her young children to have THEM be the voices in the story. For evermore, no matter how big, grown or far away her children may be, their bitty voices from their years of little and the days of when they were all together at home all the time were there within that book. As she explained it, what it meant to her, I went entirely to mush.

As my own kids have gotten older, their high pitched voice and giggles is something I get deeply nostalgic over. 

I understood right away why it was her 'most meaningful' gift.

Now I find myself wanting to get all the books, ones with my parents voices, my in-laws', my husband's, my own - but mostly, I one with my children taking turns reading the pages.

And I think it's a book I would literally hug again and again.

Adore this idea!

You can find this one and more on Amazon.





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