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Reflections from the Bar

Our home has a bar with four chairs that opens to the kitchen. So much life happens from these four chairs – meals eaten, tears shed, homework figured out, dreams expressed, successes toasted. My laptop sits at the bar where I can sneak moments of reflection about life, relationships, and ins and outs of trying to raise four great kids.

Savoring the Magic and The Mayhem

A place of parenting reflection and story telling.  Building meaningful connections with our kids, despite a back drop of the real life frenzy.  For the “Try, Try Again Parents,” the ones like myself, not always getting it exactly right, but always giving it their best.

Today’s little moments, become tomorrow’s precious memories.


Affirmation Prints & Gear

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Encourage, build up, and love on your people (or yourself!) with our Affirmation Gear.  Most pieces are paired to and inspired by a writing reflection from the blog.


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