Sip and Know...

I've always loved the line of scripture, "Be still, and know." It beckons us to quiet and slow ourselves, making space for the soul to find comfort and connection. When I think about those moments in my life when I'm best able do just that, it's almost always when I can grab a minute to sip warmth from a favorite mug. There's something about the ritual that tells my whole body to just take a minute, breathe... and know.

That. That moment. That connection. That is what I wanted to capture with these "You Are Loved" mugs.

The 'You Are Loved' Mug

These are not your average mugs.

No. These are handmade by a skilled potter in eastern Pennsylvania. She takes her time with each one. Each a piece of art, and an extension of her heart.

Made of durable brown stoneware clay and glazed in soft white.

The lines on the body of the mug - those are literally left behind by the potter's fingers as she shaped the mug. The imprints remind us of the mug's handmade character and our own human connection.

And when in your hands, it has just right feel - special and cozy at the same time.

Sip and know...You are loved.