Tuesday Traditions - Christmas Bed

Tuesday Traditions! During the holiday season I’m going to share one tradition each Tuesday that’s special in my family. I’d love to hear about your own in the comments!

I love the sense of anticipation and belonging that traditions bring to the family. My favorite are the simple ones, the ones that don’t require much extra fuss or time and keep the focus on the warmth of togetherness. Keeping them simple allows us to actually ENJOY the season and I’m more likely to stick with them year after year despite changing circumstances.

This one is a favorite in my family. The Christmas bed. During the holiday season, everyone’s bed gets made up with special green and red bedding. It’s not really any extra work as the beds are getting made regardless of what the sheets and blankets look like. But bringing the holiday colors and feels right into their cozy beds is something each of the kids look forward to. I never announce exactly which day I’ll be doing it, so it’s always a happy surprise when they walk into their room for the first time each holiday season and their eyes land on their “Christmas bed.”
It’s simple, but it’s special. It’s warmth and that Christmasy togetherness when we snuggle in to read together or kiss their heads goodnight.
Would love to hear one of your family’s favorite traditions!

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