This Is A Dance I Don't Quite Have Down

My child, this is a dance I don't quite have down.

But one I'm trying so hard to learn.

To know when to lead and when to follow.

To figure out when to hold you, and when to push you.

How to guide, while teaching you to navigate.

To protect you, but foster a fearlessness in your spirit.

How to ensure you believe with every fiber of your being that you are enough, while also igniting your passion for growth.

When to support you with a lift, and when to support you with a release.

To encourage you to push for your best, while knowing best is not perfection.

Teaching you to extend kindness and forgiveness, while not tolerating getting stepped on.

Helping you understand that joy comes from nurturing relationships with your people, but that sometimes your soul is best nurtured with nature's stillness.

Maybe you think I should know this dance by now. Maybe you even think I do.

The truth is I'm still a student too.

And I'm far enough into the choreography, to understand I'll probably never really master it.

But you can count on me being out that dance floor giving it everything I've got, for you.

Teaching you these delicate back and forth steps of life, as best as I can.

Sometimes we'll stumble, or get out of rhythm, but the music will always find us again and we'll keep on with the dance.


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