C'mon In My Friend.

My house was a mess.

And ya know what? I didn't care anymore.

Because my door was open.

I fussed over dinner in the most distracted way. The counters were full. Actually, we just arrived home from being away for the weekend, and there were things about everywhere. My kids were a little crazy - of the loud variety.

But my next-door neighbor, my dear friend, and her kiddos came to hang out.

So my home was filled with people I love, and that's all the 'caring about' that seemed worthy tonight.

That's when you know...

When you know you've got a real friend.


I have four kids. We have the schedule of a family with four kids. I'm always moving. Always doing. But it's never quite enough. And I know - there's a system I should be implementing, organization that could prevent all my madness, and a chore chart or military training that could have the whole place running like a well oiled machine. But these poor kids didn't get that. They got me. And I'm a work in progress.

So while I'm always putting in the work, things are perpetually a little chaotic in our home.

I complain about it sometimes.

Some golden days I think I allllmmmmoooooosssssst have that unicorn - balance - within sight.

Too many days though... I think that the lived in state of my family's home should come with a closed door.

And honestly... maybe sometimes it should. Because the truth is vulnerability is earned in relationships.

But when you find a friend... that can stand in your upside down kitchen, be totally un-phased by the circus acts parading in and out of the room - entertained even by them!, who's at ease, who relates, who loves anyway and always...

Well, hold the door wide open for her.

She's a "C'mon in” friend.

And those are the actual unicorns. Those are the keepers.

The ones you let into your real.

C'mon in friend. Love you.

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