There's Something About The Way She Greets Us

“There’s something about the way she greets us. Every time.”

A group of my dearest friends and I sat sipping our coffee and chatting. One of my them comes from a large and tightly knit family. Whenever she speaks of them, which is often, the warmth in her eyes and her heart is visible and felt. She has the kind of relationship with her mother that makes everyone take notice in the best of ways. And the light emitted from her when she talks of going home, makes it clear how much she loves doing just that…going home.

And because each of us at that table were all mothers ourselves, we wanted to know – what is it that her mother has done, that’s fostered such a deep and bonded love. The kind that keeps the family close and coming home well after they’ve all left the nest. Her reply was simply,

“There’s something about the way she greets us. Every time. It doesn’t matter if we’ve been gone a long time, or just out for the day, when we walk in the door she beams. She makes a fuss over us. She acts like she can’t hardly contain her excitement. So, you just want to be there, because you know how much you’re wanted. How much you belong.”

That little bit of our conversation has stayed with me. Has found a spot tucked right in my own mom heart.

And when my kids first round the corner in the morning, all sleepy eyed and wild bed head hair, I scoop them up and remind them just how much they’re loved.

And when they hop off the school bus, I’m looking up and lighting up.

If they’re out for a play date, if they’re with grandma and grandpa, if they’ve been at a sports practice, if they’re walking back in the door for whatever reason it may be… I'm making a happy fuss, to greet them.

To make sure they know they’re loved here, they’re wanted here, and they’ll always belong here.

Because, I pray someday my kids will have that same warmth in their eyes and in their heart when they talk of home. And that they’ll say…

“There’s something about the way she greets us. Every time.”

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