A Mother's Heart

I’ll be proud of their accomplishments.


I can’t wait to see where they’re going and what they’ll do.

If they persevere through hard times. If they earn degrees, or maybe take a road less traveled. If they'll be problem solvers. If they get back up after a stumble. If they'll be passionate about their work. If they travel the world, or dig in right where they're planted.

But also, my heart will be sitting up straight and waiting to see…

If they forge true friendships. If they show up for family. If they're a loyal and committed partner. If they're thoughtful with their words. If they go out of their way to lift others. If their hearts almost burst with feels for the ones they call their own. If they'll sit with someone in their moments of dark. If they nurture and take care of their relationships. If they serve their communities. If they are generous in all the ways that matter. If their soul knows how to get quiet and talk to God.

Yes, I’ll be proud of them for much,

But if I can nudge them toward a life woven with love, wherever their path may lead...

I think that may be my own greatest accomplishment.

And I’ll be proud of that.

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