If We Want Them to Come To Us, Then Pave the Way

She came to me last night.

Upset. Unsettled. Wanting to share something that had been weighing on her heart.

It wasn't a big thing. Although it felt big to her. And I could tell it was hard for her to express.

But she did.

She sought me out and said the words.

She shared a decision she'd made that I wasn't thrilled about. And turns out, she ended up not being thrilled about either.

I looked at my sweet girl sitting across from me... opening up her heart.

Coming to me.

And I knew immediately that's exactly what I want for our path. I want her to always come to me. I want to always be there for her. I want the opportunity to continue to guide her.

I know that as she grows, if I hope she'll stay vulnerable with me, then I have to earn that trust with thoughtful and loving reactions. That I’ll have to show her that that open heart of hers, is safe with me.

So I told her, "I think you're strong and brave for sharing. I think many grown adults can't put words to something they wish they'd done differently. I think you have the most beautiful heart. I think you're wise in the way you're reflecting. And I know, I know I love you with every fiber of my being, and I pray you know that too."

Because it was such a small thing this time. But as she gets older, the stakes and the decisions will only get bigger.

And I want her to always come to me.

I want her to know that she'll always be received in love.

I want her to know that I'll always see her. The real her. The big beautiful full heart her.

I want her to know that we're not meant to be perfect. We're meant to grow. And when we own our choices, when we're willing to learn and adjust, we can do just that. I want her to believe in her innate goodness, but without expectation that it means perfection.

Because we're human. So with 100% certainty, we're each going to bump up along our journey from time to time.

And when that happens, I pray she'll always...

come to me.

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