The Sacred Gift of Encouragement

I felt encouraged today.

But the very cool thing was, the encouragement came from something someone said to me almost a full year ago.

And I can’t stop thinking about how wildly awesome that is!

A year has gone by, but those words lifted me up TODAY.

This morning an ad popped up on my screen, which doesn’t seem like it should be any big deal. Except it felt like a really big deal. Because on the side, in the cracks of time this last year, I’ve been working on developing some business plans and goals. But this ad that popped up…well, it was essentially what I've been working on. Except it was up and running. It was beautiful. It was well done. And I guess what got to me most was… it was already done.

Immediately the frustration swelled, and the give up and fold my hand impulses hit hard.

Then... boom!

I recalled the words spoken by a friend and mentor; something she said almost a full year ago now.

“There’s room for all of us.”

I remember how she spoke those words too. With confidence and with assurance. That each one of us has a story that matters, and that there’s room at the table for everyone. While we might be similar, we’re not the same. We each bring something valuable, unique and needed.

Her words from A YEAR AGO calmed me right down, and lifted me back on my path.

I looked at the ad in front of me and instead of seeing defeat, I now saw an opportunity to learn. To assess how my plans were similar, how they were different, what seemed to be working, what I might tweak. And I was reminded that there was more than enough room for us both, us all.

That’s holy my friends.

I mean truly!

Genuine encouragement, the kind of leaning into people we do with no intention but to build them up, it has a God touched way of staying in someone’s heart. Sometimes years pass after encouraging words have been spoken, then a certain moment suddenly presents itself and that blessed lift is felt all over again. It makes a difference, and it can show up to carry someone exactly when they need it most.

I really believe that’s a sacred gift. And one we can give so easily!

Let’s not hold that back from one another.

Invite someone to the table and remind them they belong.

It's a gift they'll likely use again and again.

And if you happen to be in need of some encouragement today too, remember...

There’s room for all of us. And the world needs exactly what’s inside of you!

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