The Comforts Of Home

It's not the 'comforts of home,' that make a home.

I mean, there's no denying how great it feels to climb into your own bed. To feel the water fall from that showerhead with just the right pressure. To sip from your favorite mug snuggled under the coziest blanket. To make eggs in the morning in the pan that never fails you.

We take care and time to set up home with our best comforts. We curate all the special things to fill up our space in a way that's uniquely us. And they're good. And no doubt they're comfortable. But they're not THE comfort.

Nope. Because the comfort of home? That's about our people.

It's the feeling you get when you walk in the door and your mom hugs you. When you snuggle in next to the person who knows your heart best. When you hear your children laughing from the next room. When you see your dad at the stove dad flipping pancakes and telling stories. When the family gathers around the table. When a game of cards with a grandparent means far more than a game of cards. When your knowing and unconditional embrace soothes your child's hurt.

Yep, the comforts are great. We all love the bless-ed comforts.

But the real COMFORT of home - it's the people.

It's YOUR people.

And I'd choose the comfort over the comforts any day. 

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