It's Motherhood

I had one of those moments this morning when you witness something so simple but it hits you so profoundly.

It snowed here last night and it was still blustery and slippery as the kids were headed out to the bus stop. I stood on my front steps so I could watch my little guy as he waited. Across the street I saw one of the neighborhood kids begin walking down her driveway.

And she slipped; wiped right out on the snowy pavement.

Almost immediately I saw her mom head out to embrace her. She helped her get up. Together they dusted the snow off. She wrapped her arms around her and even from my perch across the street it was clear that little sweet pea was settling, comforted after the fall, and steady on her feet again. And she continued on - waved to her mom, crossed the street and joined the rest of the kids to hop on the bus.

Such a small moment.

But that's motherhood isn't it.

We can't stop our kids from having to walk through some storms. We can't stop them from falling down sometimes along their way. But just like that little one was all bundled up in her boots and her jacket, we can help prepare them. And when they do stumble - well, we're there. We'll show up again and again to give comfort in a hard time, to remind them they are strong and capable, and extend that loving hand to get back up.

It was such a simple thing to witness, the snow blowing, a child falling and a mother there to help get her back on her path - secure and confident and comforted.

And it was beautiful.

Because, that's motherhood.

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