I Lost Myself This Morning

I lost myself this morning.

My eyes, no... My heart captured by the baby in the photo.

The baby that's not a baby anymore.

And for a few minutes,

I was gone.

Transported back.

Everything so vivid.

The detailed stitching of soft colorful shoes that seemed impossibly small.

The silky wisps of hair and lashes that sang of lullabies.

The wrap of a little hand tight around my finger.

The special way of soothing that was reserved just for me.

The weight in my arms as I lifted my baby.

The snug against my chest as we cuddled.

The fuzz of those tiny socks... I forgot about those socks.

The way a million adorable expressions would dance across that delicate face in almost the same moment.

The peace my whole soul knew in those tender days, even as the tired felt crushing.

The coos, then the giggles and those first words that melted me.

The way it seemed like time stood still, that we'd be there just like that... forever.

Except we're not.

No, that baby is my big kid.

My big, amazing, light of my life kid.

But every now and then,

I love to get lost.

So I let the photos take me back,

To a place I'll always want to visit.

Yesterday... with my baby.

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