Dear Kids, Say The Hard Words

Dear kids,

I want you to know that it's often the hard words and icky feelings that most need to be spoken.

The ones that try to drive you inward.

The ones that get tangled up in your throat while the right combination of words and brave and vulnerable work to come together.

The ones that sometimes sit with you for too long.

The ones that you're not quite sure what to do with, how to speak, or if they'll even be understood.

Because these same hards words are also...

The ones that stir up fresh air and relief after they've been spoken.

The ones that require grace and sometimes forgiveness when it's your turn to listen.

The ones that will bring you closer to your people when they've been released.

The ones that will leave you better knowing yourself as you work to express them.

The hard words tangled up in all the hard feels, are just that.

And so you might be tempted to hide or avoid them.

But if you can get comfortable with that uncomfortable, and learn to put voice to these words,

that invisible bridge connecting your heart to the hearts of your people gets wider and stronger.

And hearts are always worth it.

So kids, speak yours.

Love, Mom 

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